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Listed below are the components and specifications of our15kW portable backup package

  •  15,000 Watt Portable Generator
  •  6'  60 Ampere plug and cord
  •  Weather proof connector box and box to store the wire and plug
  •  60   Ampere rated Manual transfer Switch/panel


               15,000 Watt Portable Generator


  • 15,000 Running Watts
  • 22,500 Starting Watts
  • 62Amp output at 240V, 104A output at 120V
  • 60 Amp breaker
  • Generac V-Twin
    Delivers premium power and maximum performance
  • High Surge Alternator
  • Effortless Electric Start with Battery Included
  • Automotive style 3 stage air filtration
  • Convenient Outlet Panel with GFCI Protection
  • Spin on Oil Filter
  • Automatic Idle Control
  • Maintenance free Battery
  • Pneumatic Wheel Kit


38.5" x 30.75" x 48.5" high
Weight: 450 lbs.
Warranty: 2 Year Limited

Our pricing includes a warranty extension on the engine to 4 years  if used for home backup use!


10' long 50 Ampere rated patch cord heat welded to both both plugs


Has the proper 240V plugs to match generator

and supplied water proof wall plug.


These heavy-duty cord sets are designed for use with manual transfer switches, transfer panels and power inlet boxes The heavy cord is attached to a water proof connection at the side of the building and stored within a metal cabinet at that location.   UL listed.



60/100 Ampere rated 240V manual transfer switch

The Panel/Link offers circuit breaker combinations of 30A - 125A utility and generator. Interlinked circuit breakers keep the generator isolated from the utility at all times, even with the cover or dead-front removed. The panel is service entrance rated and may be used as a main panel or a sub-panel. This panel features a heavy-duty copper bus. The panel is available in indoor and outdoor enclosures and has provision for 12 to 20 branch circuits. The panel is available with and without  wattmeters.

We supply four 15A 120V breakers, two 20A 120V breakers, one 15A 240V breaker and one 20A 240V breaker with this kit

Total Package Price including shipping to Ontario $5,700 for other Canadian Destinations add $100

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