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Upside of Biodiesel

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What are advantages to using biodiesel?

  • Biodiesel is safe to handle and store and is biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Biodiesel is made from renewable resources.
  • Unlike virtually all other alternative engine fuels, it can be used in unmodified engines. Diesel engines can use pure biodiesel or any blend of biodiesel with conventional petroleum-based diesel fuel.
  • Because fats previously used in restaurants etc. may be used, the cost of biodiesel can be far lower than that of petroleum diesel.
  • The net power output from biodiesel is approximately 2% less than petroleum diesel. (biodiesel is about 5-8% less energy dense than petroleum diesel, but its greater lubricity and more complete combustion, offset that somewhat, leading to an overall fuel efficiency about 2% less than petroleum diesel.)
  • The high cetane numbers of biodiesel contribute to easy cold starting and low idle noise.
  • Emissions are lowered:
    • net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 100%
    • sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 100%
    • soot emissions by 40-60%
    • carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by 10-50%
    • hydrocarbon (HC) emissions by 10-50%
    • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • Exhaust odour typical of petroleum diesel is replaced with the pleasant smell of a deep fryer. Also described as the smell of popcorn, donuts or French Fries.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as a service for your general information to enable you to ask the pertinent questions of your fuel distributor.  We at Enviroharvest, Power to Go Generators are not fuel experts familiar with various fuel types and compositions.  We recommend that you discuss your plans with your local Home Heating Oil / Fuel Oil distributor.  You must make your decisions based solely upon information given to you by them. We recommend using ONLY standard or agricultural grade or off-road Diesel #2 within your generator set.  We assume NO responsibility or liability resulting from any decision you might make to use any fuel other than grade Diesel #2 within your diesel generator.

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