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As data centers moved from back-room business tools to essential business services and now offer real competitive advantage to the business.   A UPS that only provides temporary power and controlled shut down is no longer enough.  Services such as VoIP telephony interregnal with data center services can no longer survive with same small UPS used for the telephone switch in the past.

A continuous power requires a system; the ‘S’ in UPS does not stand for “System”!

If your business continuity and disaster recovery planning calls for generator backup we can help.  We will work with you and your electricians to develop the most cost effective implementation strategy. We can help you with decisions sizing your backup power generator, type of generator, fuel type and the most cost effective point at which to insert the emergency power transfer.

The interface between the on-site generator set and the utility is crucial to ensure minimal interruption from utility failures.  Power generation transfer switches are designed to continually monitor the UPS system for load, start generator set, and transfer the load automatically

Our industrial standby generators and generator transfer switches can be configured to your most demanding electrical tolerances.   All while there is a premium to meet the rigor of power emergency power supply for UPS systems and computers in general, our equipment is priced extremely competitively.

We can assist with power backup procedures and provide on site training.  We can provide multi-year maintenance contract to ensure your generator is properly maintained and tuned.

UPS systems are not purchase and forget systems.   Most batteries require maintenance and monitoring.  If they fail before the backup generators come on line, the critical power goes down. Improperly installed, poorly maintained, and inadequately tested batteries are common occurrences.  Only the fact that the backup generators are highly reliable and come on line in a few seconds prevents many UPS battery banks from showing up their failings long before their rated design life.   Maintenance costs and maintenance access generally are the greatest contributing factors to poorly maintained battery systems.

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