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Automatic Transfer Switches

Fully unattended and safe transfer of critical circuits to a backup generator supply in the event of a power outages or fluctuations - fail-safe controls, UL 1008 certification, and the best warranty in the business.

Vigilant 100A Automatic Transfer Switch / Load Center

The Vigilant 100A Load Center Automatic Transfer Switch will save you time and money on every installation. It completely eliminates the need to install a separate sub-panel  and gives you the choice of using 12 regular or 24 mini circuit breakers. Lightweight and easy to install it can cut up to 2 hours off installation time when compared to installing a regular transfer switch and pony panel.

DynaGen engineers equipped the Vigilant 100A Load Center with all the controls you want and need in a full-featured automatic transfer switch. Adjustable controls - not fixed - providing you with a flexibility not found in any other load center. And, the ruggedly straightforward controls and mechanisms set new standards for simplicity, reliability, and durability. So reliable, in fact, that the Vigilant Load Center has the longest warranty in the business - 3 Full Years!

An exclusive exerciser clock gives you full command over day and time for generator exercise and is, hands down, the easiest timer to use anywhere. And best of all, the exerciser clock and indicator LEDs are user accessible by simply swinging open the door - no need to unscrew and remove the enclosure cover as with other load centers.

Vigilant Series - 100A - 1250A Automatic Transfer Switches

Reliable straight forward switches available from 100A to 1250A with modular design for easy servicing and replacement.  And to suit you special needs all switches are available with or without controls and timer. Employing proven controls expertise these new, ruggedly straightforward controls and mechanisms that set new standards for simplicity, reliability, and durability. They succeeded so well, in fact, that the new Vigilant Series has the longest warranty in the business.


Optimal Series 225A to 600A Automatic Transfer switches

The Optimal Series is the first family of transfer switches in the world to be built with SIEMENS high quality molded case switches. Featuring: Wide Range of Interrupt Ratings; Built-in Short Circuit Trips for Added Protections; Unique Manual Transfer (no pin removal required); Fully Enclosed Contacts for Enhanced Safety; Modular Design for Easy Service and Replacement. Plus all the standard features you’ve come to expect from DynaGen, all covered by the longest warranty in the business – 3 Full Years. If your profits and reputation are being eaten away by costly reliability problems caused by transfer switches choked with too many complicated bells and whistles, the Optimal Series is for you.

AST2000  and AST3000 Series - Automatic Transfer Switch

The market leader in Reliability, Price, and Warranty (3 years). Standard features: NEMA4 weatherproof enclosure, 4 standard timers (TDES, TDEN, TDNE, TDEC), and a 7-day exerciser. Ideal solution for backup power systems for light industrial, agricultural and residential applications.

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