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Emergency Preparedness - General (Federal Resources)
Canadian Disaster Database, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
Canadian Interactive Incident Map , Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
Natural Hazards and Emergency Response , Natural Resources Canada

Emergency Preparedness - General Provincial/Municipal Resources

Alberta Alert - Alberta
Natural Disasters - Edmonton
Personal and Family Checklist - Alberta (pdf)
Public Alerts - New Brunswick
Tips on Preparing for Hazardous Winter Weather
Time to Prepare - Winnipeg
Emergency Preparedness: Food and Water Supply - Halifax
Car Preparedness: Planning BEFORE Disaster Strikes - Halifax
Disaster Response: What to do During a Lightning Storm - Halifax
Household Preparedness - Planning BEFORE Disaster Strikes - Halifax
Emergency Management Ontario website
What Can You Do in the Event of a Natural Disaster? - Quebec

At Your Service! Safety - QuebecGuide to Family Emergency Preparedness - Regina
How to Cope with the Unexpected - Regina

Emergency Preparedness - Resources
How an Electricity Outage Affects Natural Gas Service and other tips- Atco Gas -
Emergency preparedness and electric power , Hydro Quebec
Emergency Preparedness Week website
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Disaster Assistance
Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA)
Disaster Financial Assistance - British Columbia
Financial Assistance to Disaster Victims - Quebec
Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) - Saskatchewan

Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Recent Earthquake Activity

An Assessment of the B.C. Tsunami Warning System and Related Risk Reduction Practices - British Columbia

Prepare for Tsunamis in Coastal British Columbia - British Columbia

Earthquake and Tsunami Information - British Columbia

Earthquake and Tsunami Smart Manual - A Guide for Protecting Your Family - British Columbia

Earthquake Personal Safety - British Columbia

Earthquake Preparedness for High-Rises and Mobile Homes

Earthquake Preparedness: Some Tips

Earthquake Survival Pocket Guide - British Columbia

School Earthquake Safety Guidebook - British Columbia

Prepare to Survive a Major Earthquake

EarthquakesGetting Ready - Quebec  -

Before the Flood (CMHC document)

Before Flooding - Alberta

Flood Precautions for Homeowners - British Columbia

Preparing for a Flood - Nova Scoti

Flood Proofing Your Home - Minimize Damage if a Flood Strikes Your Family's Home - British Columbia

Protect Propane and Natural Gas Equipment in the Event of a Flood - British Columbi

Guidelines for Sand Bag Dike Construction - Manitoba

If Your Home is Flooded - Nova Scotia


After the Flood (a homeowner's checklist) (CMHC document)

After Flooding - Alberta

After Flooding: Returning Home - Manitoba

After Flooding: Cleaning Up - Manitoba

After a Flood - Nova Scotia

First Steps in Clean-up (CMHC document)

Cleaning Up After the Flood - British Columbia

Emergency Measures for Flooding - Manitoba

One Step at a Time : A Guide to Flood Recovery - British Columbia

Health Risks of Flooding - New Brunswick

River Watch 2005 - New Brunswick

Storm Surges


Forest Fires

Forest Fire - Canadian Wildland Fire Information System , Natural Resources Canada

Forest Fire - Evacuation Plan if Wildfire Occurs - Nova Scotia

Forest Fire  - Protecting Your Community From Wildfire - Alberta

Forest Fire - Manitoba

Forest Fire - Watch 2005 - New Brunswick

Forest Fire - Weather Index - Prince Edward Island

Forest Fire - How to Report - New Brunswick

Forest Fire - During

Forest Fire - National Situation Report

Forest Fire - Wildfire News - British Columbia

Preparing for Hurricanes - Nova Scotia

Catastrophic Landslides and Related Processes in the Southeastern Cordillera: Analysis of Impact on Lifelines and Communities



Prepare for Volcano Hazards in British Columbia - British Columbia

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