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Extreme Environment and Extended Run Generators

Extended Run Generator

We configure long run, extended run generators for cases where routine maintenance is impossible or could be overlooked, and for cases where the generator just can't be conveniently shut down for routine maintenance.  Extended service intervals can be achieved without sacrificing the life of the engine.

  • Travel cost to remote sites can be significantly reduced.
  • Extended Service intervals reduce maintenance cost.

Long run generators may incorporate some or all of the following features

  • Larger oil sump
  • Automatic oil top up system
  • Automatic oil change system
  • Additional fuel and oil filtration

Each Extended Run / Long Run generator is designed to clients' requirements and most are unique to their application. 

Extreme Environment Generator

Your generator may have to run in extreme conditions, we provide systems to mitigate the effect of these extreme conditions upon the operation of your generator.

Cold Weather Generator Systems

Although the world is warming, Canada continues to require generators which must run in extreme cold situations. The following are some of the systems we can put in place for generators that must run in extreme cold weather:

  • Electrically heated fuel oil lines, heat exchanger warmed and fuel tanks warmed by the generator's cogenerated heat.  (In layman's terms, in extreme cold conditions diesel fuel forms waxy flakes that can and will clog a fuel filter.)
  • Generators enclosures have full ventilation openings on both sides allowing sufficient air to come into the unit even if one side is blocked with snow or leaves.
  • The Air coming into the generator is blocked with a electrically controlled damper. This damper serves multiple  purposes: Snow does not fill into nor does cold air does not breeze through the generator when it is not operational and the louvers can be thermostatically controlled to help maintain the temperature within the cabinet warmer.
  • Intake air snorkels have been designed and implemented to operate generators buried in snow three meters deep.

Hot Environment Generator Systems

Canada may not be a country associated with heat extremes, however, many generator sheds and generator rooms have heat problems! We have the knowledge, equipment and to rate and de-rate generators with respect to their operational environments. Suitably sized radiators, coolers and after coolers can be configured for your generator. Heat exchangers can be configured to handle return line fuel heat is an issue to overcome.

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