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 QUIETPACT®Series of RV Generators


Generac's philosophy is to offer the best value and highest quality RV generators in the market. With innovations like OHVI® engine designs, a unique belt drive system, single side, no-mess serviceability and a capped voltage regulator, Generac is able to provide our customers with RV generators of unsurpassed quality and reliability.


QUIETPACT® 40G — Designed for Class C applications

  • Easy on the gas — Up to 43% more fuel efficient than competitive units. Substantial savings over the life of the generator in reduced gasoline costs.
  • Powered by Guardian OHVI® engine — Longest running, longest life! Patented full pressure lubrication provides instant lubrication to all vital bearings on start-up. Noise is minimized with advanced piston, camshaft and gear technologies which also allows the engine to operate 40 to 50 degrees cooler than competitor's engines. Designed with low oil pressure shutdown and a large automotive style oil filter. EPA and CARB certified.
  • Fully enclosed generator — Includes muffler. Lower noise levels than competitive models.
  • Capped voltage regulator — Electronically controlled voltage regulator gives peace of mind with electrical accessories.
  • Compact package — More wattage and less weight than any other RV genset in its class.
  • Single-side serviceability — Up-front design allows convenient access to spark plug, air filter, oil filter and other routine maintenance components.


QUIETPACT® 55, 65 and 75 — Designed for Class A and fifth wheel applications

  • 760 cc Guardian OHVI® engine — Supplies maximum wattage output and performance without compromising efficiency.
  • Most fully featured and offers best value.
  • Wattage output of 5500, 6500 or 7500 watts.
  • Fuel options — Available in gasoline and LP gas versions.
  • Full pressure lubrication and spin-on oil filter.
  • Belt drive technology — Provides greater motor starting ability through increased inertia.
  • Single side serviceability — All maintenance items easily accessed through front panel.
  • Fully enclosed generator — Includes muffler for superior noise reduction


QUIETPACT® 75D — Designed for Class A Diesel applications

  • Fuel efficient — Save up to 26% of fuel cost at full load compared to the competition. Provides you with hundreds of dollars in fuel savings over the life of the generator.
  • Single-side serviceability — For quick and convenient service.
  • 954 cc 3-cylinder vertical in-line diesel engine — Extends engine life by operating at a constant low rpm with exceptional air flow for cooling. Our engine develops superior horsepower and torque without compromising engine efficiency.
  • Over-voltage and frequency protection — Complete compatibility with electrical accessories.
  • Quieter operation — Engine runs at a constant 1950 rpm – unlike the competition. No matter how many appliances are turned on in the coach (i.e. air conditioner, TV, etc.) the noise level does not increase. The competition’s variable speed generator produces annoying noise levels that grow louder and louder as their engine speed increases.
  • Superior available power output — A cooler running engine minimizes wattage loss as temperature rises. With a 47% larger radiator core area, Generac experiences only about half the wattage loss vs. the competition resulting in much better performance and higher customer satisfaction.

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