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Yanmar 6- 14kW
Yanmar 18- 33kW    

Yanmar Water Cooled Diesel Powered Generators

Our high quality Yanmar Powered generators are assembled in Canada.  The generators have a brushless single bearing alternator with adjustable rheostat, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and vibration isolators.  All units are painted with heavy duty polyurethane paint finish and are  ready to run, just connect to fuel and breaker and you're up and running.

The North, and most off-grid generators run on diesel.  We particularly recommend small Yanmar generators for dependable  prime power ,long run and both critical prime and standby power applications.  We have shipped these dependable,  cold weather-starting generators as far north as Baffin Island and they support many farms and off grid applications.  

Standard Features

  • Yanmar Engine
  • EPA Tier 2 emission compliant
  • 12V Electrics
  • Mechanical Governing
  • Radiator
  • Industrial Muffler
  • Rugged Structural Steel base
  • Battery, Battery Rack and cables
  • Fully Guarded for operator protection
  • Residential Silencer with stainless steel flex connector


 Programmable Digital control panel includes:

  • Shutdowns for low oil pressure, high temp, overcrank, low coolant level and overspeed. 
  • Controller displays engine oil pressure, water temperature, DC volts, AC volts, amps and hertz. 
  • On demand display of power factor, runtime hours, kW hrs, Avg. kVA and peak kVA.
  • Generator can be remotely controlled from a remote location with a 2 wire switch.


Class H insulation system provided for insulation life and moisture protection. Dynamically balanced rotors, with sealed-for-life bearings.  Simple maintenance with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes.  Generators are fully guarded for operator safety and generator protection. Built to conform with all leading industrial and marine standards.

Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Low Oil level switches
  • Critical Silencer, Stainless Flex Connector
  • Electronic Isochronous Governing
  • Fuel Tanks ( dual wall UL listed)
  • Enclosure (Weather and Sound Attenuated)
  • Single and Dual Axle Trailer Mounting
  • Main line Circuit breaker
  • Remote enunciator panel with Pre-Alarm Lights
  • Permanent Magnetic Generator (PMG) Exciter
    for heavy motor starts
  • Racor Water/Fuel Separator Filter


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